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What is a customized massage session?

Ya know what's crazy. I see so many places I go to book a massage charging a $90...$100...$120 base rate for a 60 minute massage....but then charging another $10 for hot stones, $10 for cupping, $5 for tiger balm or cooling oil or whatever topical analgesic they rep, $10 for aromatherapy and hot towels. So by the end of a treatment you end up spending $150 for a 60 minute massage and then tipping on top of that.

Maybe it's just me but when I'm in pain I want relief, bonus points if I can get relief and relaxation in the same mix and $150 a month is a lot to budget.

That's why I don't do that at RIP. What you pay includes whatever I can do to get you where you want to be. Heat helps with circulation so I'll use the stones and the towels. Cupping and gua sha helps with relief and stagnation in the muscle tissue and helps healing happen faster. So we throw that in too. Hot towels and aromatherapy help bring the parasympathetic nervous system online by activating a limbic system response. So guess what?! Let's do that too! Because if you're not relaxed you can't heal. The body doesn't recover and regenerate in fight or flight.

Leave your stress at the door.

Know the fee is not going to go up for the extras because they're not extra. I've got your back.

P.s. ask about the membership options for an even more manageable price. Self care shouldn't be impossible. And your time and money are valuable. Just like you.


And tell your friends because they need customized care too.

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